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At the World’s End

May 19, 2011

There’s been a lot of buzz running around the internet about the end of the world. I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and just insult the hell out of the people who believe this, no matter how irresponsible the people leading this movement are. Instead, I made a realization: I’m genuinely excited about this. […]

The Way Wii Move: Kinect Through Gaming

May 4, 2011

See what I did there?  Awesome, isn’t it? I’ve been really impressed with the way console gaming has been going.  I loved watching how companies were beginning to bring something completely different then what you could get as a PC gamer, and how they were making it so we had that choice in whether or […]


April 21, 2011

Every blog has it’s beginnings.  I suppose this is mine. I admit to not liking to write for a lot of reasons. I write quick notes for myself, and I have an awful lot of half started blogs on pieces of paper that are strewn throughout my house.  But I suppose that means that I […]

Welcome to Fail at Podcast

February 25, 2011

Hello viewers.  Welcome to our official page for the Fail at Podcast!  We’re getting started with all the stuff, so you’ll see more content coming soon.  Some of the ideas we have: Host Blogs:  We’re looking having each of us write a blog.  Badger will be writing “Leave it to Badger”, Darkhawk will be writing […]