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Behind the Scenes: Logos

May 6, 2011

Badger’s probably going to kill me for jacking the word press site for a bit, but I think this is something kind of podcasty-important.  Well, that, and I have this horrible desire to constantly post stuff on the internet with more frequency than Badger and Darkhawk. One of the things that’s become really important the […]


April 21, 2011

Every blog has it’s beginnings.  I suppose this is mine. I admit to not liking to write for a lot of reasons. I write quick notes for myself, and I have an awful lot of half started blogs on pieces of paper that are strewn throughout my house.  But I suppose that means that I […]

This is only a test…

April 8, 2011

Remember in the previous posts, where I give a disclaimer saying that everything in Leave it to Badger is solely the opinion of Badger and does not reflect that of Mr Reality, Darkhawk, or any one else or any corporation, company or anything like that? Do you remember those? Yea, they’re true and fit for this post […]

Episode 1 – Intros and What are we Doing?

February 25, 2011 The contest mentioned in this episode is closed, but it’s us going back to our roots. It’s a fantastic bit of nostalgia.   Just a warning, it sucks. Enjoy!