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Behind the Scenes: Logos

Badger’s probably going to kill me for jacking the word press site for a bit, but I think this is something kind of podcasty-important.  Well, that, and I have this horrible desire to constantly post stuff on the internet with more frequency than Badger and Darkhawk.

One of the things that’s become really important the longer we do the podcast is to have a totally awesome logo that sums up who we are and how we work.  We’re still learning as we go, and we do sometimes tend to be our own monkey wrench in the works.  It happens.  So, we wanted something that would identify as strongly us.

Anyway, at the beginning of our run so far, we ran a contest where the goal was to design us a logo.  We selected one that we thought was awesome until we started growing, but we still like it.  This is the winner:

Designed by WarGravy

View the beauty of the logo

Look at it!  It’s awesome, right?

However, there are a couple of problems that were not readily available when we selected this.  First of all, while it’s complex and designed well (as far as I and our listeners at the time were concerned.  Then Episode 10 happened.  And I was going to release with it a special logo for that episode:

Because a one time deal is a one time deal...

But that was before Hawk became a permanent, non-rent paying member of our show.  And it seemed like WarGravy was going to hunt me down and Sparta-Kick me if I were to mar the image too much.  We talked about it.  He threatened my nuts.  It would have been bad.  Sure, we bought the image from him, but it just seemed wrong.  And then there was episode 12.5…

And we add another name...

This is getting ridiculous...

So, you see how it started to get bad.  We kicked around a couple ideas, and came up with a rough idea of what would not only work well for the site, but would work on business cards as well, since we’re planning on whoring it up for PAX.  So, using my awesome photoshop skills, I designed something that we think will work.  We’re in negotiations with a graphic artist.

What do you expect for 15 minutes in paint?

The red/grey is supposed to be a plumbers wrench making the F.  It’s supposed to be stopping the gear.  DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!

Overall, the learning experience on some of the more little things has been kind of awesome, and keeping a mind towards where you might want to go is a good idea.  But when we started this whole thing, we had NO idea that it would keep going to where we are now.  Heck, I think both Badger and I both figured by now we’d be bored, and not wanting to continue.  It’s been a surprising ride so far, and we can’t wait to see where it’s going.  This is just the beginning.


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