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The Way Wii Move: Kinect Through Gaming

See what I did there?  Awesome, isn’t it?

I’ve been really impressed with the way console gaming has been going.  I loved watching how companies were beginning to bring something completely different then what you could get as a PC gamer, and how they were making it so we had that choice in whether or not we wanted to get up off the couch.  It gave me something fun to do with little Reality, where we would both flail around like fish out of water, and attempt to call it playing tennis (Wii Sports), or where we’d gracefully dance like drunken spider-monkeys (Just Dance 2), and genuinely have fun.  Don’t get me wrong, we do other things, but outside of the Household Wrestling Federation (which the Commissioner, Ms. Perception, kyboshed after he got into a fight at school), there’s not much else that can be done 10 minutes before he goes to bed with so little pre-planning.

Movement games around here are just plain fun.  It gets the whole family together to laugh at ourselves, and generally have a good time.  It’s something for everyone.  We’ve been moving away from keeping people on the couch, and getting them up and moving around.  This makes my household want to play more.

I’m not saying that ALL the games we play are movement based games.  Little Reality plays Lego Batman and Mario Party, Ms. Perception enjoys Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and a large collection of Social and Hidden Object games, whereas I’m on the computer and on the table top more often than not.  As varied as our interests are, we’re all willing to put down the controller, or get up from the keyboard and come together to make total asses of ourselves.

Of course, there’s much to be said about the specs of Project Café, and how that’s going to be effecting motion gaming in the future, but that’s a subject for another blog.

Mr. Reality is the co-host/producer of the bi-weekly podcast: Fail at Podcast and the author of the blog “Reality Check”, which is updated “damnit, Badger, shut up!  I’ll get to it when I have time”.  Everything stated on in this article is the sole opinion of Mr. Reality, and in no way represents the views of his employers, clients, co-workers, or people he met on the street.  He says this stuff because he thinks it needs to be said, and if you have a problem with anything stated above, email him at


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