what were we talking about?


Every blog has it’s beginnings.  I suppose this is mine.

I admit to not liking to write for a lot of reasons. I write quick notes for myself, and I have an awful lot of half started blogs on pieces of paper that are strewn throughout my house.  But I suppose that means that I should start at the beginning, since as of this point, you know NOTHING.

Now that I’m actually thinking about it, assuming you know nothing kind of sucks.  It means I have to fill you in on a LOT of stuff, so we’ll just do some introductions.  It’s pretty much just in my head as I write this, so fill it in as appropriate.  Conveniently, I’ve written my part for you:

“Hi.  I’m Mr. Reality.  Who are you?”

“Awesome! How are things?”

“Oh, I’m fantastic.  I’m just writing a blog thing.  It’s a little weird. I’m not used to putting thoughts on the internet.  Hell, my live journal that I had in college died pretty quickly, as did the 2 or 3 word presses that I’ve had over the years.  “

Seriously, if it weren’t for Badger constantly bugging me, this blog probably wouldn’t have made it this far, which I’m not sure if I’m supposed to thank him, or if I’m supposed to yell at him.  Only time will tell.

If you’re reading this, I would like to give some credit where credit is due. That’s right, to us, our support, and a special someone to be named at the end of the article.  You’re going to have to listen to all this drivel in order to find out about the last one.  It’s called teasing.  Keep listening for more details.

So, if you’ve found us here, chances are you know about the little pre-recorded podcast radio show that we put out on the inter-tubes.  I’m then going to assume that you already know about Badger, darkhawk, and me.  We’re the big three.

You’ve also heard Badger and me refer to our family members.  On Badger’s side, there’s Mrs. Badger, and the Cub (often referred to as the lil’ guy).  On my side, there’s Ms. Perception (the future Mrs. Reality) and Lil’ Reality.  Now, I’m sure Badger could speak for hours on the virtues of Mrs. Badger, as I could of Ms. Perception, but the short answer is that they put up with our crazy ideas, and force us to follow through with them.  Whether it’s watching the wee ones while we record, or helping us to find the best deals on hotels for PAX, or simply asking questions about what we’re doing for our pet projects and putting up with our gaming stories (or in the case of Ms. Perception, mocking darkhawk and I whenever we get to caught up in our Tetris wars instead of playing “real games”), they’re always there for us.  I feel we would be remiss if we didn’t state in one of our opening blogs as to how important that it is to have people like this in our lives.  Some philosopher once stated that “No man is an island” and some smart-ass femi-nazi stated “A man is only as good as the woman at his side.”  It’s our family that drives Badger and I to succeed, for whatever that means for this podcast.   I’m still trying to figure out what makes darkhawk tick.  Dude’s just crazy.

We jokingly referred to ourselves as some sort of mega-corporation, and each of us has our own department.  I’m in charge of production and sales, darkhawk is in charge of research and development, and Badger’s our administrative and web development department.  Mrs. Badger’s in charge of Marketing, Ms. Perception is our finance department, and the Lil’s are in charge of Human Resources and Payroll.  Of course, having a pair of children who are under 10 in charge of our pay and our “positive working environment” was probably a bad idea from the start, as sexual harassment runs rampant between department heads, and not one of us have gotten paid.  Ever.

This brings us to the last person who is, perhaps, the most important in this failure:  Our Viewers.  The viewers are probably the most important group among everyone I’ve already listed.  Not because you help out with the editing, or support us through financial means, but because without you guys, we wouldn’t have anyone to listen to a show, and I wouldn’t have numbers to look at to keep me going through the long, snack filled hours of editing.  And because of that, Badger, darkhawk, and I have had some interesting conversations both on and off air, which we all appreciate.  Also, there are more than 7 viewers, which helps us feel like a huge success.   So, thank you.

Mr. Reality is the co-host/producer of the bi-weekly podcast: Fail at Podcast and the author of the blog “Reality Check”, which is updated “damnit, Badger, shut up!  I’ll get to it when I have time”.  Everything stated on in this article is the sole opinion of Mr. Reality, and in no way represents the views of his employers, clients, co-workers, or people he met on the street.  He says this stuff because he thinks it needs to be said, and if you have a problem with anything stated above, email him at


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