what were we talking about?

I see you…

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There was supposed to be a blog posting last week, at least I think there was. I dunno, either way, I’m posting again. And boy do I have something to post about…  Ok, that was a lie. Much like the cake. I have no idea what to post about. There’s no big releases this week… except Mortal Kombat, The Conduit 2, SoCom 4: U.S. Navy Seals, and there was another one. What was it? I know it had something to do with puzzles… ‘eh, it’ll come to me. So, let’s get this kinda started.

(cue Fail @ Podcast intro music)

Mortal Kombat. I’ve actually been looking forward to this game for about a year now. Mortal Kombat goes back to Rated M. I have it pre-ordered at Best Buy because they have the klassic Sub-Zero costume and fatality. Gamestop had Scorpion’s special stuff and Amazon had Reptile’s. I like Sub-Zero the best so that’s the route I took. Then, a few weeks after I placed the pre-order, my little guy was copying the games I was playing. Namely, Marvel Vs Capcom 3… so I don’t know if I’m actually gonna get MK tomorrow… we’ll see.

The Conduit 2 – I haven’t played the first one, I was interested, but never actually enough to buy the game. I’ve read some pretty good reviews for it and then read a few things about #2 that were promising. Arguably the best FPS on the Wii… which isn’t hard. Only time will tell with this one.

SoCom 4: U.S. Navy Seals – Yay! Another military shooter! Man how I’ve missed them. </sarcasm> Seriously though, it’s good to see SoCom come back from wherever it was. Maybe they’ll be able to take people away from… wait… isn’t it another CoD clone now? Well, only one way to find out…

The Potato Sack – Valve is pure WIN! To help with the marketing for Portal 2, they had the Potato Sack that had 13 games or so and then GLaDoS invaded them. Genius! Not only are they helping to push sales of some great indie games, but they’re also making a game outta playing games to hype the game they’re releasing. Just win.

Ok guys, that was fun, but now, I have a grill that needs meat on it so I’ll bug you guys again next week or so. Take care and have fun!



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