what were we talking about?

This is only a test…

Remember in the previous posts, where I give a disclaimer saying that everything in Leave it to Badger is solely the opinion of Badger and does not reflect that of Mr Reality, Darkhawk, or any one else or any corporation, company or anything like that? Do you remember those? Yea, they’re true and fit for this post also. I post what I post because it’s how I perceive things and how I react to things. If you don’t like it, please send an email to or just, ya know, get over yourself.

So I’m going to try something to see if it works, if it doesn’t, well here’s the new post.

I bought Portal 2 from the company that Valve is having do the retail release of Portal 2. I don’t want to say the companies name due to personal issues and whatnot, but it has only 2 letters in it’s name. Why did I buy it from them, you ask? Well, 2 reasons.

Reason #1. It’s Portal 2. By Valve. They don’t make bad games and Portal is one of those games that is extremely fun and I don’t have to monitor my play time with it.

Reason #2. Said company gave me 25% any item in their store for my birthday. I bought Portal 2 for PS3 and paid a grand total of $56 for it instead of $59.99 plus tax plus shipping and handling. Took like, $15 off the total before tax and whatnot so it was good. Plus, buying it on PS3, I get it for Steam for free. SCORE!!!

In the world of gaming… I don’t know. I’ve been playing alot of Rift lately. I’ve got about 37 hours logged in that game and have loved it all, ‘cept for the not finding 1 quest giver. I need just one more quest in Silverwood and I get an achievement for doing all 109 quests in the area. Needless to say… it’s annoying. I promise I’ll do better with diversity soon, I promise. Anywho, I gotta go work on dinner so I’ll see you guys later. In the meantime, check this out (man I hope this works)



New Episode!


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