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We are everywhere…

*please note that everything you listen to in Leave it to Badger is only the opinion of Badger and does not reflect that of Mr Reality or Darkhawk. It also does not reflect any corporation, company or anything like that. Basically, this is Badger’s opinion and only that. If you don’t like that, send an email to or leave a comment, but either way, get over yourself and have some fun.

Yes, I’m late by a few days. I know that, but in my defense, I took my family on vacation this week because it was spring break. We went to Portland and visited the Oregon Zoo, which was fun but more walking than I realized, then we went to the Children’s Museum. That was interesting, to say the least. As soon as we opened the doors, it was like a giant playground with each room a different theme. My most memorable moment there though, happened at the door. It was while we were paying and went like this.

my wife: “Do you accept Visa?”

guy working: “Nope. We only take bottle caps.”

me: “Play Fallout much?”

guy working: “New Vegas baby!”

We then spent a few minutes talking about Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, which was fun but you could tell my wife wasn’t really into it. Our lil’ guy was trying to run off and play with anything that was and wasn’t bolted down. That little conversation with the cashier guy made me think that no matter where you go, gamers are everywhere and we’re not nearly as bad as the media makes us think we are. C’mon, you think that the government would let someone work in a building that is built and theme for children if he was a sociopath? Yes, he admitted that he plays a game with violence, langue, drug use, alcohol use and such, yet he’s not a bad guy. He’s funny and works with kids. That just blows the media’s point of view away right there. And what about the developer of Company of Heroes? The guy gave his life to save his wife and then un-born child. He makes a game about war and death, yet the guy did the most self sacrificing thing I’ve seen or heard of in years.

I’m not saying that all gamers are saints and should be worshiped. There are many out there that are scum, but then again, that’s because we’re all human. You look at ANY group of people and you will see some that are good and some that are bad. There are millionaires that will donate to charity and help those in need and then there are millionaires that will do all they can to put others down and make themselves look good. What we need to do is focus less on the bad people in the group and more on the good people in the group.

Now… since I’ve gotten that off my chest, about 2 or 3 hours after the conversation with the cashier guy, I thought of a few other things to ask him instead of “play fallout much?” That was kind of lame… I should have said something like “Do you sell Nuka-Cola?” or maybe “let me sell my chinese rifle first” I dunno, something that was funny and didn’t sound lame. So what would you guys have said? Leave it in the comments or send me an email at

Thanks for listening and help prove me right, that gamers are not bad people.



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