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No more time…

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Sorry I haven’t updated or posted anything for a while guys, been kinda hectic. The 15th was my birthday and then this week has been quarter finals at school… kinda crazy.

On the upside though, I was gifted Rift the other day! Yay! Soon my social life will be all gone! I’ve only played the game for an hour so far but what I’ve played I really enjoy. I don’t consider myself and expert in MMO games, but I’ve played a few… like, 10 or 15, give or take. The graphics are really good, and the gameplay is fun so far. Like I said, I’ve only played for 1 hour.

I also found the demo for Dragon Age 2. It’s different than DA:O, which isn’t bad, just different. The game ties in with DA:O, but you don’t need to beat DA:O to play DA2, because it explains alot of DA:O in this one. I did notice that one of the “tips” at the loading screens said that a rogue is “very important to have in your team” because they are the ONLY class that can pick locks or disarm traps. It’s rather different than in DA:O when you could put points in whatever you wanted.

I’ve still been playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3, but started playing online. I’m really enjoying this game, just not enjoying the people that stay way the hell back and only throw fireballs and projectiles at you. That pisses me off. So far I have a record of like, 6-4. Not that great, but it’s still a winning average.

I also got back my copy of Mario Strikers Charged, the Wii’s version of Mario Soccer… Yea, I know. It’s not a hardcore game, and it’s a Wii game, but I like it, and it’s fun so back off : P


Well, I’m gonna go now. You kids have fun without me, if you can. And remember, if you have any questions, comments or just wanna say hi, send an email to or leave a comment below, or heck, leave a comment on our Facebook page, Fail @ Podcast.




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