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Right Way

*Please keep in mind that this is STRICTLY Badger’s opinion and might not reflect that of Mr. Reality or Darkhawk. Also, if you don’t agree with what Badger says or thinks, just send an email to


So I just recently bought Marvel Vs Capcom 3. The day I bought it, Reality came over and we played for a good hour and a half. We’re pretty evenly matched so it was a nice back and forth. I also noticed a difference in play styles, which is something I’ve noticed in many fighting games over the years. On one hand, you have someone that is trying to chain together super moves (Badger) and a guy that is just trying to hit with combo moves (Reality). Neither one of us are pros at this game, or the genre for that matter, so we were just messing around and having fun(which is what you’re supposed to do in games). This did get me thinking though… is there a right way to play a game?

Now, I understand that there are different ways to do things and that no two people will play a game exactly the same. I get that. I revel in that, actually. Makes things more fun that way to know that whatever you do, it won’t be 100% copied. Sure, you’ll have people who play very similarly, and you’ll have people that play almost identical, but it will be different. Take a look at Street Fighter, for example. Ken and Ryu, two different fighters, but very similar styles. Ken is more fast paced and focuses on the Shoriyuken, while Ryu is more of a power fighter and focuses on the Hadoken.

My thoughts are that as long as you’re having fun, you’re playing the right way. The moment you start to forget that it’s a game is the moment you’re playing it wrong. We’ve talked about this for almost a full year in the podcast and it’s something that I know for a fact I am not the only person that believes this. Whether you’re a button masher, a tactician, or whatever style, just remember that it’s a video game and have fun. And the nice thing is this goes across the board to all genres of gaming. Fighting games, First Person Shooter games, Role Playing Games, Real Time Strategy, the list goes on and on.

Ok, I’ve rambled enough on this and I’m hungry. If I’ve made any sense, then let me know. If not, then let me know. We’re gonna be doin’ more with blogs and such as well as the regularly scheduled podcast so keep watching!




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