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I has games. Old games, newer games, indie games, triple-a title games…. I has games. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me some of his games he didn’t play anymore. Diablo 2, Warcraft: Orcs Vs Humans, Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, Age of Empires Gold and AoE 2… All older PC games, all great PC games.

Point is, I started playing Age of Empires 2 again and realized how great that game is, even 11 years later. It’s graphically not as great as I remember, sure doesn’t look like Shogun 2 or anything, but that doesn’t matter because it’s still a great game with amazing gameplay. I remember back in the day (holy crap, I can’t believe I can legitimately use that phrase) playing Diablo 2, AoE 2 and Warcraft 2 for hours and hours on end. Those were amazing games. Now, I’ve logged a couple hours in L4D2 and the such, but nothing like what I put into those old games. It really took me back to a time where gameplay was first, then graphics.

But that’s a discussion for a podcast topic, and this isn’t the podcast, this is Leave it to Badger. I wanna talk about some of the games that I grew up playing and some that helped form my opinions on games. Age of Empires 2, Diablo, Ultima Online, Command and Conquer: Red Alert… those were some of my favorite games and arguably some of the best games or series of games made. I used to play UO while listening to Megadeth, and to this day, whenever I hear some songs by Megadeth, I can see UO being played. I see my miner/blacksmith digging away at some iron, then going back to the city to smelt it and forge a sword or breastplate. I can see the houses and the guards and the beasts. Of course, this was back when UO was pretty much the only MMO out there and was free to play after initial purchase.

I remember spending almost days on a custom skirmish in Red Alert or AoE2, trying to find ways to better my AI opponents or real opponents. I even started to do a small blog on a geocities account I had to do a How To for RTS games. Like the best ways to beat an opponent, or the best strategies to survive this scenario, ya know, kid stuff.  I had an assassin in D2 that was WAY o.p. I could walk into a full room, drop 3 or 4 dragon pilons and walk out of the room. 10 seconds later and the room was empty. Didn’t matter what level I would go to, the jungle, the desert, Tristram, I would wipe them all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the games that are out now, such as Plants Vs Zombies, Rift, Minecraft, but there’s just something about all the old games that just puts a smile on my face and makes my heart just a tad bit warmer. Guess that’s just nostalgia kickin’ in….


There’s been a lot of buzz running around the internet about the end of the world. I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and just insult the hell out of the people who believe this, no matter how irresponsible the people leading this movement are. Instead, I made a realization: I’m genuinely excited about this.

It’s not that my life is horrible, or that I wish death for anyone.  It’s just that I’m tired.  Not tired of living, but tired of being bored.  The more bored I get, the more projects I start.  The more projects I start, the less time I’m choose to spend sleeping.  The less time I spend sleeping, the longer the projects take.  The longer the projects take, the more opportunity I have to get bored.  It’s really a vicious cycle.  Something like the end of the world would really break the cycle.

Of course, we’ll also ignore the fact that I spend, according to Ms. Perception, FAR too much time thinking about apocalyptic situations, especially zombies, and we’ll ignore the fact that the dead are supposed to walk, which means we’ll be LARPing Left 4 Dead pretty soon.

True, there’s all sorts of other issues that can arise from the End of Days (not the movie with the Governator, but prophesies), including Mr. Christ coming to the planet like a professional wrestler, and people I know disappearing off of the face of the planet, but there’s also that 4 horseman thing.

Actually scratch that 4 horseman thing.  I’m highly trained to survive  3 of them (Thank you, Uncle Sam). I’m doubly protected against Pestilence/Plague since I have a kid, and he’s already brought home large number of diseases. As for Famine, well, I’m fat, and none-too-picky about what I eat, and there’s plenty of wild-growing food in my area.  War just requires a short drive to my state funded camping trips.  All I really need to be concerned about is random Death.

Seriously though, if you feel like you’re going to be part of the Raptured, I bid you a good and blissful eternity.  Also, open up a few dozen credit cards and email me the numbers so I can enjoy my Godless, Hell on Earth, end of the world with some financial freedom.  You can’t take it with you, and really, what good will your credit score do for you up in Heaven?

You don’t have much time left!

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*Leave it to Badger is only Badger’s opinion of things and how he sees things. If you don’t like it, or you do like it, or you just wanna say hi, send an email to

I have alot of games. Well, for me it’s alot of games. To some it’s just a few. I have 57 on Steam, I have about 12 for my Wii, 6 or 7 for my PS3, 3 for my DS, 20+ for PC that are not on Steam, 4 PS1 games and 17 PS2 games.

So yea, that’s a few games. I’ve beaten maybe, 10 of them. That’s less than 10% of my owned games that I’ve beaten.

Why is that? I like all my games so why haven’t I beaten them all? Well, problem is alot of my games are really long. Another reason is that when I get a new game, I stop playing everything else to play the new one, and that keeps going on each time I get a new game. It’s a bad cycle… or is it?

There are some games, such as Red Alert 3, StarCraft, Mortal Kombat and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 that I beat the story mode and keep trying to play them because they’re fun and the multiplayer changes everything. That’s why I have so many hours logged in L4D2, it’s just a fun game. On a side note, a friend of mine showed me 2 custom maps for L4D2. One is a campaign based on the Kokiri Village and Forest Temple from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and the other is a survival map based on Helm’s Deep from Lord Of The Rings.

Anyway, I was wanting to know other people’s opinions on this. How do you deal with this situation, or do you even have this problem? What games/ series have you put on hold for another game/series? Leave something in the comments or send an email, either way, I wanna know!


Badger’s probably going to kill me for jacking the word press site for a bit, but I think this is something kind of podcasty-important.  Well, that, and I have this horrible desire to constantly post stuff on the internet with more frequency than Badger and Darkhawk.

One of the things that’s become really important the longer we do the podcast is to have a totally awesome logo that sums up who we are and how we work.  We’re still learning as we go, and we do sometimes tend to be our own monkey wrench in the works.  It happens.  So, we wanted something that would identify as strongly us.

Anyway, at the beginning of our run so far, we ran a contest where the goal was to design us a logo.  We selected one that we thought was awesome until we started growing, but we still like it.  This is the winner:

Designed by WarGravy

View the beauty of the logo

Look at it!  It’s awesome, right?

However, there are a couple of problems that were not readily available when we selected this.  First of all, while it’s complex and designed well (as far as I and our listeners at the time were concerned.  Then Episode 10 happened.  And I was going to release with it a special logo for that episode:

Because a one time deal is a one time deal...

But that was before Hawk became a permanent, non-rent paying member of our show.  And it seemed like WarGravy was going to hunt me down and Sparta-Kick me if I were to mar the image too much.  We talked about it.  He threatened my nuts.  It would have been bad.  Sure, we bought the image from him, but it just seemed wrong.  And then there was episode 12.5…

And we add another name...

This is getting ridiculous...

So, you see how it started to get bad.  We kicked around a couple ideas, and came up with a rough idea of what would not only work well for the site, but would work on business cards as well, since we’re planning on whoring it up for PAX.  So, using my awesome photoshop skills, I designed something that we think will work.  We’re in negotiations with a graphic artist.

What do you expect for 15 minutes in paint?

The red/grey is supposed to be a plumbers wrench making the F.  It’s supposed to be stopping the gear.  DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!

Overall, the learning experience on some of the more little things has been kind of awesome, and keeping a mind towards where you might want to go is a good idea.  But when we started this whole thing, we had NO idea that it would keep going to where we are now.  Heck, I think both Badger and I both figured by now we’d be bored, and not wanting to continue.  It’s been a surprising ride so far, and we can’t wait to see where it’s going.  This is just the beginning.


See what I did there?  Awesome, isn’t it?

I’ve been really impressed with the way console gaming has been going.  I loved watching how companies were beginning to bring something completely different then what you could get as a PC gamer, and how they were making it so we had that choice in whether or not we wanted to get up off the couch.  It gave me something fun to do with little Reality, where we would both flail around like fish out of water, and attempt to call it playing tennis (Wii Sports), or where we’d gracefully dance like drunken spider-monkeys (Just Dance 2), and genuinely have fun.  Don’t get me wrong, we do other things, but outside of the Household Wrestling Federation (which the Commissioner, Ms. Perception, kyboshed after he got into a fight at school), there’s not much else that can be done 10 minutes before he goes to bed with so little pre-planning.

Movement games around here are just plain fun.  It gets the whole family together to laugh at ourselves, and generally have a good time.  It’s something for everyone.  We’ve been moving away from keeping people on the couch, and getting them up and moving around.  This makes my household want to play more.

I’m not saying that ALL the games we play are movement based games.  Little Reality plays Lego Batman and Mario Party, Ms. Perception enjoys Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and a large collection of Social and Hidden Object games, whereas I’m on the computer and on the table top more often than not.  As varied as our interests are, we’re all willing to put down the controller, or get up from the keyboard and come together to make total asses of ourselves.

Of course, there’s much to be said about the specs of Project Café, and how that’s going to be effecting motion gaming in the future, but that’s a subject for another blog.

Mr. Reality is the co-host/producer of the bi-weekly podcast: Fail at Podcast and the author of the blog “Reality Check”, which is updated “damnit, Badger, shut up!  I’ll get to it when I have time”.  Everything stated on in this article is the sole opinion of Mr. Reality, and in no way represents the views of his employers, clients, co-workers, or people he met on the street.  He says this stuff because he thinks it needs to be said, and if you have a problem with anything stated above, email him at


*Leave it to Badger is just the way Badger views the world and the news and anything for that matter. His opinion does not reflect that of any other person, company or entity. If you do not agree with Badger, if you do agree with Badger or you just wanna talk to him, please send an email to

“Sony! You betrayed me! I trusted you with my information and you let someone hack your system and take my information?”

That seems to be the popular opinion the past week or so ever since we found out that hackers took down Sony’s PSN. Sony offered a free service and it got hacked. So who’s to blame? Is it Sony for not having the security measures in place to prevent this? Is it the server hosts for hot having better encryption? Is it the hackers who broke into the system and took ALL the personal information?

Yes, those questions were rhetorical. Of course it’s Sony’s fault. 😀 Just kidding. It’s the hackers fault, without a doubt and hands down. I’ll put money on that… chances are, I already did seein’ as how my financial information was on PSN also because I like to buy DLC for my games. The press went and asked geohotz, the hacker that hacked the PS3 and spent a few months in court opposite Sony, but it wasn’t him. That would just be flat out stupid to settle a major lawsuit and then weeks later piss off the company that you just settled with.

I’m kinda pissed about it also because, I don’t get to play Marvel Vs Capcom online, or Mortal Kombat, or ModNation Racers. I know my information is protected by my bank. I know I don’t have that much to steal and I know how to check things out and protect myself. It’s something you all should do too. By law, you are able to check your full credit score every year. That’s one thing to help, another is to keep your bank statements in line. Now, I’m not gonna turn this into a financial blog, but I do want you all to keep  yourself protected.

Well, I’m gonna go now. My kittens are goin’ nuts and I’ve got some things to take care of in the real world. Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it. Well, not recording because we’re taking some time off, but we’ll be back soon with our NEW season of Fail @ Podcast!


Every blog has it’s beginnings.  I suppose this is mine.

I admit to not liking to write for a lot of reasons. I write quick notes for myself, and I have an awful lot of half started blogs on pieces of paper that are strewn throughout my house.  But I suppose that means that I should start at the beginning, since as of this point, you know NOTHING.

Now that I’m actually thinking about it, assuming you know nothing kind of sucks.  It means I have to fill you in on a LOT of stuff, so we’ll just do some introductions.  It’s pretty much just in my head as I write this, so fill it in as appropriate.  Conveniently, I’ve written my part for you:

“Hi.  I’m Mr. Reality.  Who are you?”

“Awesome! How are things?”

“Oh, I’m fantastic.  I’m just writing a blog thing.  It’s a little weird. I’m not used to putting thoughts on the internet.  Hell, my live journal that I had in college died pretty quickly, as did the 2 or 3 word presses that I’ve had over the years.  “

Seriously, if it weren’t for Badger constantly bugging me, this blog probably wouldn’t have made it this far, which I’m not sure if I’m supposed to thank him, or if I’m supposed to yell at him.  Only time will tell.

If you’re reading this, I would like to give some credit where credit is due. That’s right, to us, our support, and a special someone to be named at the end of the article.  You’re going to have to listen to all this drivel in order to find out about the last one.  It’s called teasing.  Keep listening for more details.

So, if you’ve found us here, chances are you know about the little pre-recorded podcast radio show that we put out on the inter-tubes.  I’m then going to assume that you already know about Badger, darkhawk, and me.  We’re the big three.

You’ve also heard Badger and me refer to our family members.  On Badger’s side, there’s Mrs. Badger, and the Cub (often referred to as the lil’ guy).  On my side, there’s Ms. Perception (the future Mrs. Reality) and Lil’ Reality.  Now, I’m sure Badger could speak for hours on the virtues of Mrs. Badger, as I could of Ms. Perception, but the short answer is that they put up with our crazy ideas, and force us to follow through with them.  Whether it’s watching the wee ones while we record, or helping us to find the best deals on hotels for PAX, or simply asking questions about what we’re doing for our pet projects and putting up with our gaming stories (or in the case of Ms. Perception, mocking darkhawk and I whenever we get to caught up in our Tetris wars instead of playing “real games”), they’re always there for us.  I feel we would be remiss if we didn’t state in one of our opening blogs as to how important that it is to have people like this in our lives.  Some philosopher once stated that “No man is an island” and some smart-ass femi-nazi stated “A man is only as good as the woman at his side.”  It’s our family that drives Badger and I to succeed, for whatever that means for this podcast.   I’m still trying to figure out what makes darkhawk tick.  Dude’s just crazy.

We jokingly referred to ourselves as some sort of mega-corporation, and each of us has our own department.  I’m in charge of production and sales, darkhawk is in charge of research and development, and Badger’s our administrative and web development department.  Mrs. Badger’s in charge of Marketing, Ms. Perception is our finance department, and the Lil’s are in charge of Human Resources and Payroll.  Of course, having a pair of children who are under 10 in charge of our pay and our “positive working environment” was probably a bad idea from the start, as sexual harassment runs rampant between department heads, and not one of us have gotten paid.  Ever.

This brings us to the last person who is, perhaps, the most important in this failure:  Our Viewers.  The viewers are probably the most important group among everyone I’ve already listed.  Not because you help out with the editing, or support us through financial means, but because without you guys, we wouldn’t have anyone to listen to a show, and I wouldn’t have numbers to look at to keep me going through the long, snack filled hours of editing.  And because of that, Badger, darkhawk, and I have had some interesting conversations both on and off air, which we all appreciate.  Also, there are more than 7 viewers, which helps us feel like a huge success.   So, thank you.

Mr. Reality is the co-host/producer of the bi-weekly podcast: Fail at Podcast and the author of the blog “Reality Check”, which is updated “damnit, Badger, shut up!  I’ll get to it when I have time”.  Everything stated on in this article is the sole opinion of Mr. Reality, and in no way represents the views of his employers, clients, co-workers, or people he met on the street.  He says this stuff because he thinks it needs to be said, and if you have a problem with anything stated above, email him at


*Please note, that everything in Leave it to Badger is just Badger’s opinion. If you don’t like his opinion, or do like his opinion, or just wanna talk crap to him, please send an email to

There was supposed to be a blog posting last week, at least I think there was. I dunno, either way, I’m posting again. And boy do I have something to post about…  Ok, that was a lie. Much like the cake. I have no idea what to post about. There’s no big releases this week… except Mortal Kombat, The Conduit 2, SoCom 4: U.S. Navy Seals, and there was another one. What was it? I know it had something to do with puzzles… ‘eh, it’ll come to me. So, let’s get this kinda started.

(cue Fail @ Podcast intro music)

Mortal Kombat. I’ve actually been looking forward to this game for about a year now. Mortal Kombat goes back to Rated M. I have it pre-ordered at Best Buy because they have the klassic Sub-Zero costume and fatality. Gamestop had Scorpion’s special stuff and Amazon had Reptile’s. I like Sub-Zero the best so that’s the route I took. Then, a few weeks after I placed the pre-order, my little guy was copying the games I was playing. Namely, Marvel Vs Capcom 3… so I don’t know if I’m actually gonna get MK tomorrow… we’ll see.

The Conduit 2 – I haven’t played the first one, I was interested, but never actually enough to buy the game. I’ve read some pretty good reviews for it and then read a few things about #2 that were promising. Arguably the best FPS on the Wii… which isn’t hard. Only time will tell with this one.

SoCom 4: U.S. Navy Seals – Yay! Another military shooter! Man how I’ve missed them. </sarcasm> Seriously though, it’s good to see SoCom come back from wherever it was. Maybe they’ll be able to take people away from… wait… isn’t it another CoD clone now? Well, only one way to find out…

The Potato Sack – Valve is pure WIN! To help with the marketing for Portal 2, they had the Potato Sack that had 13 games or so and then GLaDoS invaded them. Genius! Not only are they helping to push sales of some great indie games, but they’re also making a game outta playing games to hype the game they’re releasing. Just win.

Ok guys, that was fun, but now, I have a grill that needs meat on it so I’ll bug you guys again next week or so. Take care and have fun!



Remember in the previous posts, where I give a disclaimer saying that everything in Leave it to Badger is solely the opinion of Badger and does not reflect that of Mr Reality, Darkhawk, or any one else or any corporation, company or anything like that? Do you remember those? Yea, they’re true and fit for this post also. I post what I post because it’s how I perceive things and how I react to things. If you don’t like it, please send an email to or just, ya know, get over yourself.

So I’m going to try something to see if it works, if it doesn’t, well here’s the new post.

I bought Portal 2 from the company that Valve is having do the retail release of Portal 2. I don’t want to say the companies name due to personal issues and whatnot, but it has only 2 letters in it’s name. Why did I buy it from them, you ask? Well, 2 reasons.

Reason #1. It’s Portal 2. By Valve. They don’t make bad games and Portal is one of those games that is extremely fun and I don’t have to monitor my play time with it.

Reason #2. Said company gave me 25% any item in their store for my birthday. I bought Portal 2 for PS3 and paid a grand total of $56 for it instead of $59.99 plus tax plus shipping and handling. Took like, $15 off the total before tax and whatnot so it was good. Plus, buying it on PS3, I get it for Steam for free. SCORE!!!

In the world of gaming… I don’t know. I’ve been playing alot of Rift lately. I’ve got about 37 hours logged in that game and have loved it all, ‘cept for the not finding 1 quest giver. I need just one more quest in Silverwood and I get an achievement for doing all 109 quests in the area. Needless to say… it’s annoying. I promise I’ll do better with diversity soon, I promise. Anywho, I gotta go work on dinner so I’ll see you guys later. In the meantime, check this out (man I hope this works)



New Episode!


*please note that everything you listen to in Leave it to Badger is only the opinion of Badger and does not reflect that of Mr Reality or Darkhawk. It also does not reflect any corporation, company or anything like that. Basically, this is Badger’s opinion and only that. If you don’t like that, send an email to or leave a comment, but either way, get over yourself and have some fun.

Yes, I’m late by a few days. I know that, but in my defense, I took my family on vacation this week because it was spring break. We went to Portland and visited the Oregon Zoo, which was fun but more walking than I realized, then we went to the Children’s Museum. That was interesting, to say the least. As soon as we opened the doors, it was like a giant playground with each room a different theme. My most memorable moment there though, happened at the door. It was while we were paying and went like this.

my wife: “Do you accept Visa?”

guy working: “Nope. We only take bottle caps.”

me: “Play Fallout much?”

guy working: “New Vegas baby!”

We then spent a few minutes talking about Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, which was fun but you could tell my wife wasn’t really into it. Our lil’ guy was trying to run off and play with anything that was and wasn’t bolted down. That little conversation with the cashier guy made me think that no matter where you go, gamers are everywhere and we’re not nearly as bad as the media makes us think we are. C’mon, you think that the government would let someone work in a building that is built and theme for children if he was a sociopath? Yes, he admitted that he plays a game with violence, langue, drug use, alcohol use and such, yet he’s not a bad guy. He’s funny and works with kids. That just blows the media’s point of view away right there. And what about the developer of Company of Heroes? The guy gave his life to save his wife and then un-born child. He makes a game about war and death, yet the guy did the most self sacrificing thing I’ve seen or heard of in years.

I’m not saying that all gamers are saints and should be worshiped. There are many out there that are scum, but then again, that’s because we’re all human. You look at ANY group of people and you will see some that are good and some that are bad. There are millionaires that will donate to charity and help those in need and then there are millionaires that will do all they can to put others down and make themselves look good. What we need to do is focus less on the bad people in the group and more on the good people in the group.

Now… since I’ve gotten that off my chest, about 2 or 3 hours after the conversation with the cashier guy, I thought of a few other things to ask him instead of “play fallout much?” That was kind of lame… I should have said something like “Do you sell Nuka-Cola?” or maybe “let me sell my chinese rifle first” I dunno, something that was funny and didn’t sound lame. So what would you guys have said? Leave it in the comments or send me an email at

Thanks for listening and help prove me right, that gamers are not bad people.